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Vermi Compost Bed

Size 3600x1200x600mm(LxWxH)
BLUSTAL VERMI BED is a best option for small farmers to produce nutrient rich vermi compost from farm waste and cow dung.

  • Blustal Vermi Bed is made of UV stabilized material make it long lasting even in exposure with Rain,Sun, Air.
  • The material of Blustal Vermi Bed has very High Tensile and Tear and bursting strength properties, due to this it long last in harsh conditions.
  • Due to highquality Heat sealed Joints the Blustal Vermi Bed is completely Leak Proof and maintain the adequate moisture contents inside the bed. which is an important aspect to produce quality Vermi compost.
  • Blustal Vermi Bed has Air Circulation Windows for better aeration in vermi Bed to achieve high efficiency by maintaining humidity and temperature within the bed.
  • Blustal Vermi Bed has vermi wash ilquid, which is very useful for spraying on the crops for better productivity.