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Seed Treatment Drum

Capacity : 20KG

Description:The seed treatment drum consists of frame, handle and cylindrical drum. The cylindrical drum is mounted on a tri-pod angle iron frame. Three piece of mild steel flat are welded inside the drum for helping in uniform mixing<. Prior to star mixing of chemicals, workers are advised for wearing plastic hand gloves and mask on nose for health protection. After Adding chemicals in drum, add little water, close the lid of drum tightly and rotate the drum for 20 to 25 revolutions. After 1-2 minutes of completing the work, open the lid and take the treated seed in a separate bag/container. A batch of 20kg seeds takes about 5-6 minute for complete operation i.e. filling treating and emptying. Hand gloves and mask should not be removed till completion of the work. Children 's should be kept away from the work place. After completing the work, workers are advised for thorough washing of hand, legs, face & eyes.


  • Capacity - 20Ltr
  • Designed with a sliding gate for easy loading and unloading of seeds and chemical.
  • Durable handle for rotating the drum manually.
  • Rust Proof Finish.