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Brass Compression Sprayers

Brass Compression Sprayers

The blustal power series fully meets field operational requirements for manually operated compression sprayers used in global and national disease vector control programs. Available in 3ltr, 6ltr, 9ltr, 12ltr & 14 ltr capacity

engineered and built to meet the precise and standardized application procedures used in residual pesticide application for control of malaria, chagas disease, dengue fever, and yellow fever.

meets the test of constant use in the most rigorous and demanding conditions. Provides maximum use life and reliability.

  • very popular among pest control operators
  • tank made of best quality industrial quality brass alloy sheets, welded joints and tested to 150 pounds pressure
  • brass forged fittings with in built compression air-pump
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • discharge line consists of 110 cm. Delivery hose, trigger cut-off valve and extension rod with cone-mist spray nozzle






6 ltrs


9 ltrs

power -12

12 ltrs

power- 14

14 ltrs

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