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Fertilizer Broadcasters

Our clients can avail from us fertilizer broadcaster, which is operated with the help of foot of the operator. These are used for the purpose of drawing fertilizer or pesticide from the storage tank to the required area.


  • conventional throwing affects farmer's hands due to chemical reaction. There is no contact of hands  with blustal fertilizer broad caster.
  • the operator does not tire even after a day's work.
  • blustal fertilizer broad caster spreads fertilizer equally all over in teh field cause high productivity.
  • due to fast operations more area covered in a day as compare to conventional methods of spreading fertilizer.
  • facilities oprtimum use of fertilizer & seed
  • ensure uniform distribution of fertilizer & seed thereby resulting high productivity.
  • can cover 4 to 6 acres per hour with a walking speed of 2to3 km.
Technical Specification
hopper capacity 1. 3kg
walking speed of operator 2 to 3 km per hr.
fertilizer spreading of length 20ft straight, 15ft right & 3 ft left
productivity 4 to 6 acre per hour
speed of handle 40 to 50 rpm
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