Solar Equipment

Performance :
The maximum Stagnation temperature achieved in the dryer in winter months in Northern India was 100'C for solar Insolation of 750 W/m2 and ambient temperature of 30'C. Solar dried Chillies cost 15% lower than the cost of the unbranded product 57% lower than the branded product available in local market
1. It will take more time to Dry2. Products shall be contaminated
with bird drops,dust & insects3. Colour of the product shall be changed4. Shelf life of product shall be low5. Selling price will be lower6. In case of rain the hole material shall have to be lifted
1. Select a place in your house. Where sunlight is available from morning till evening.2. Place the dryer facing towards south.3. Open side window of the dryer and take out all the trays4. Put the product in tray and keep them in solar dryer after covering the trays with Lids5. Depending on weather condition and quality of moisture in the product drying shall be completed in 5-4 days.6. To get the better results. Change the position of trays from Bottom to top daily.
Function :
Natural Convection type device used to dry products like fruits, vegetables, spices etc. for domestic use under hygienic conditions.
Design Features :
High Efficiency, uniform drying of products, option to dry products in shade, suitability for rural/remote places drying temperature in desirable range light weight and easy to move.
Important Specification :
Aperture Area - 0.36 sqm External Dimension - 620x620x350 mm.Loading per batch -1-3kg (depending on products). Drying time per batch -2-3 days (depending on products). Inclination of the dryer fixed / 45' for month & 30' for south India