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Green House BGG-7110

Model : BGG-7110 With Galvanized Pipes Structure
Model : BGS-7112 With Steel Pipe Structure duly Rust
Preventive epoxy coating
Model : BGA-7113 With Aluminum Construction

Stardard Sizes Available:-
8ft  x  6ft x 8ft
10ft x  6ft x 8ft
20ft x  8ft x 8ft
30ft x 10ft x 8ft
30ft x 12ft x 8ft  
30ft x 16ft x 8ft

Strength & Quality
These greenhouses are built to withstand harsh weather. All Blustal greenhouses are designed and constructed to the highest engineering standards to provide superior structural strength. Blustal greenhouses only utilize the highest quality materials from shipment to construction.

Blustal greenhouses are available in more sizes with more options than any other greenhouse on the market. Don't see what you want? We can customize it for you also.

All Components are prefabricated and simply bolts together. A detailed instruction and step-by-step assembly manual are included with every greenhouse.

All Blustal greenhouse lengths can be extended at any time in the future also.

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